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Our Story




At VipBio we promise to produce natural and supreme quality mineral supplements, as well as skincare products that come directly from the earth. This is the future of natural products in order to prevent diseases caused by global contamination as well as natural aging. Our formula is designed with the highest possible number of precious ingredients that will provide noticeable and exceptional results in health and well-being.


We promise that “the satisfaction and goodwill of our customers is our most important asset.” We strive to “provide the world’s finest dietary supplements and skin care products at the best value possible with honest and outstanding customer service.”


Our goal is summarized with the following: “Embrace the Natural Beauty within you”. We desire to improve wellness and beauty through our products that produce real change in human and environmental health. Also, being able to get effective, natural supplements and skincare products 100% free from GMO, synthetical chemicals, toxins, artificial colors, artificial fragrances, gluten, dairy, and hormones.

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